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Don't Just Visualize, Hypothesize!

Visualization is powerful stuff. It can get us stoked, excited, and motivated.


Until, well, something doesn’t go the way we want. We get frustrated, apathetic, and depressed. We sometimes give up.


There is another way.


Convert your dream into a hypothesis.

When we turn our visions into a guess about what we think may be possible, it takes a lot of pressure off.


What we’re really aiming to do is to find a dream that we love that the world will value enough to compensate us for.


We put the dream out there and see what the world says. When it says no, we readjust. No big deal. Keep hypothesizing. Dream. Guess. Test. Try again.


I first really took to this scientific approach to building your dreams by reading the book The Lean Startup, by Eric Reis, who is a sought after consultant. You can learn more about him and Lean Methodologies at


Don’t let your beautiful vision hold you hostage until you give up.</b> <b>Let your vision unfold and shape itself by the forces around you.

When we do, sometimes our dreams become bigger than we thought. It’s how Edison’s concept of recorded sound, which he intended for helping secretaries take notes, revolutionized the entertainment industry. It’s how Apple’s Newton became an iPad. And how Walt Disney’s Mortimer Mouse became the world-famous Mickey.


Let the results your dream-tests delight and astonish you. That way, there won’t be letdowns anymore. There will be delights. And the final product will astonish you beyond your wildest dreams.

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