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Introducing "gAyGING - with pride and purpose!

I believe that all men are looking for new ways to live their life as traditional notions of manhood are being expanded in the modern world. I also believe that gay men are ready to step up to their authentic self, expand their whole life, inspire others, and make a difference in the world.

As part of my journey to a deeper and richer expression of myself in the world, I have become increasingly aware that gay men are looking for new ways to address the unique realities of aging as a gay man.

I am please to launch my quest called “gAyGING – gay men aging with pride and purpose”.

What is it about? My quest is about helping gay men age more consciously as gay men. It is about developing inner strength, living powerfully with respect and integrity and expressing their true self in the world. It is about creating opportunities where gay men can explore new ways of embracing the unique realities of aging as a gay man.

Why this quest? As an aging gay man myself, it is meaningful to me. It engages me on my journey to a deeper expression of myself. I don’t quit know how to do it. It is something I cannot do alone. I am passionate about helping other gay men age with pride and purpose.

For the sake of what? The stake that I hold that is at the center of my journey is that “no one should age alone and without purpose”.

What are the outcomes? So far, I have three specific projects to guide my journey:

  1. Research and review of what has already been done on this topic and defining the key issues and desired solutions.

  2. Design workshops or retreats in collaboration with key partners and alliances.

  3. Write a book called “gAyGING – with pride and purpose” – to be released on my 60th birthday, July 1, 2015.

What’s next? I am seeking help, support, partners and alliances. If you have an interest in this topic, please comment below or contact me. Lets talk!


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Claude Laroche
Thanks Tim! I will keep you posted and YES lets talk, and I am seeking support, advice, alliances and patners.
Wednesday, 29 January 2014 01:49
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What I am working on . . .

Dear Coaches,

I will once again miss today's conference call.  I miss your voices and sharing happenings in our respective world which is most important to me.   Nonetheless, I want to briefly share highlights of happenings in my coaching life (I hope this is a good platform to do thsi?):

  1. Leadership.  Thanks to a generous scholarship and to financial contributions and support from people who believe in me, I am doing the CTI Leadership program in Spain (4 retreat over 10 months + in-between projects).  It is a powerful program and its impact on my leadership, my coaching practice and my personal life is immeasurable.   It brings a whole new meaning of what Leadership truly is - a much more co-active, co-creation, co-lead approach.  WOW! 
  2. Coaching for Men.  I am expanding my coaching niche to all men and not just gay men.  I feel empowered and called to make a difference for all men, convinced that all men are searching for new ways to live their life, create more intimacy amongst them, and a new way of being in the changing world.  The response is truly very positive.  I am working on getting MORE clients!  Group disscussions, heart-circles etc. help alot 
  3. Erotic Coaching.  I continue to co-lead monthly workshops with “Yo!GarsPlus”, where men can explore erotic energy in an intentional manner to deepen personal pleasure to expand their whole lives.  They have been very successful (and collaborating with others in Vancouver, Portugal, Cuba, etc.) !  I am also working with Body Electric as coordinator for Montreal in designing what can work best in Canada (not doing well in the past year).  In addition, I am initiating a project to create an alliance of “global” bodyworkers - more to come!

Things are well, though expanding my coaching practice and creating a successful and profitable business is an ongoing challenge requiring alot of work and time. 

Best, and hopeful I will be able to be with you during next month’s call.


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